Just like buying an NFT, you’re not acquiring anything of value by joining The Greatartbot Registry

Seriously. You’re not actually buying anything. You’re donating money (more on that below) to have me put a link on this website. That’s it.

  • You won’t receive a license or ownership interest in any artwork
  • I don’t guarantee I’ll maintain this website past the next time the domain is up for renewal
  • I can’t promise that Twitter will preserve (and I won’t delete) @greatartbot’s tweets, so your link may go nowhere

Step 1: Find the @greatartbot tweet you want to register.

This is the easy part. Browse the @greatartbot archives and copy the URL of the tweet you want to register.

Step 2: See if the tweet you want to register has already been registered.

Search the registry for the id of the tweet you want to register. If the tweet has already been registered, don’t worry! You can still register it by donating more money than the last person.

If you do, I’ll delete prior registrant’s info and replace it with yours. This is how we create scarcity and ensure that people with money get all the stuff!

Need help finding the tweet id? Look for the string of numbers after the word “status” in the tweet’s URL. For example, you need to search for 1373167429715595267 if you want to register the tweet at https://twitter.com/greatartbot/status/1373167429715595267/.

Step 3: Make a donation to one of the following charities:

If you’d like to donate to a different charity, send me a DM or email explaining why. You can safely assume I’ll OK the donation if it goes toward supporting human rights and equality, ending hunger and homelessness, stopping climate change, ending voter suppression, demilitarizing the police, or anything else your MAGA-hat-wearing uncle hates.

If you can’t pick a charity, you can Venmo me and I’ll donate the money to a charity of my choice once a quarter. I’d really prefer if you can donate the money directly though.

Step 4: Forward an email confirmation or receipt showing the charity you donated to and the amount of your donation.

The email should go to register@greatartbot.com. Make sure you also include:

  • the name you would like posted on this site
  • any personal contact link you’d like to include
  • a link to the @greatartbot tweet you’d like to register

I reserve the right to reject any names or links, but I’ll give you a chance to submit an alternate.