While different in some key ways, the registry retains all of the NFT characteristics that true crypto enthusiasts love:

  • Acquiring a spot on the registry doesn’t transfer any rights in the underlying artwork
  • Placing your name on the registry proves you aren’t some intransigent philistine who collects fusty old paintings; you belong to a coterie of digital iconoclasts
  • Artwork is stored on private servers that will inevitably disappear and make this registry pointless
  • Your parsimonious friends still won’t understand why you’re spending money on a digital object that’s publicly available
  • You’re saving the digital arts by creating scarcity value
  • The registry was lovingly crafted ♥ by a bearded white guy in California (full disclosure: @greatartbot relies on code written by women and people of color)

Wow! What’s the catch?

  • The registry has a much smaller carbon footprint than the blockchain
  • The only way to join the registry is to donate to charity, so the itinerant grifters will miss out this time
  • The ledger is centralized (@_arp runs it) and mutable (I could delete the whole thing tomorrow)

Here’s why I made this: https://twitter.com/_ARP/status/1373402867789303810